Sunday, December 2, 2007

We've Named Our Owl!!!

World, Meet Figaro!

Figaro, as named so by Reindeer Girl is our official OWL mascot. He's quite content with his new name, and is very happy that everyone played. The Owls would also like to thank everyone that took the time and interest to help name him.

As part of the contest, Reindeer Girl will receive a goodie bag valued at $40 full of wonderful items from our various Owl shops. We also chose two runners up, Magic Forest Creations and Hollystott who chose the names Rhombus and Harold. (We're considering making one or the other of these his middle name!) These two runners up will also receive a small goodie prize from the Owls as well.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stellar Seller---MyCabinCreations---11/16/07

Buy Handmade

The Stellar Seller for this week is Pam of MyCabinCreations. As you can see from the pictures above, Pam makes some wonderful beads and jewelry. Her handmade beads are a favorite among our Owls, and because of some great customer recommendations we've decide to feature her as a Stellar Seller this week.
Also, check out her website at WildSageLampwork
Furthermore, Pam's getting married in the next few days!!! Congrats, Pam!!!!

Tell us about you, and as much as you'd like to share with the Etsy world:
I am 42 years old and getting married for the very first time in only 23 days. I'm rather overwhelmed with that right now, but excited as well. My fiancé, Dale has 4 kids ages 17, 19, 21 and 23 and 1 grandson - 3 months old, and we have an adorable Springer Spaniel 'Tuck'. He is my 'baby'.

Let's hear about your shop and how you got started:
I took a lampworking class in May of 2006 and finally got my torch in October of that year. So I have only been at this wonderful craft for a little over a year. I spend as much time as I can on the weekends in my studio in the basement. My sweetie is very supportive of me and he actually built my studio for me last spring. I love having a shop on Etsy and meeting new people all over the world.

What inspires you to create?
I have always been 'crafty' but not always real 'creative'. That is something I have to work at. I usually get my inspiration in the middle of the night at work, when I can't do anything about it. I also get inspiration from my garden, (I have 32 rose bushes), from shopping in craft stores, and surfing online. I am still trying to develop my own style.

Describe yourself in one word:
Conscientious - I work as an RN in a Clinical Research Center, so it is somewhat regimented and precise. We follow protocols and do timed blood draws, drug studies, and sleep studies, etc. It is a great place to work. I think this carries over to my lampworking as well. I want to make the very best beads I can, and have satisfied customers.

What's your favorite...


I'm not sure I have a favorite book. I enjoy a variety of different topics, such as crime thrillers, romance, Stephen King novels, etc.

My favorite movie is 'Stand By Me' by Stephen King. That is also a great book.


'I Believe' by Diamond Rio and 'Keeper of the Stars' by Tracy Bird. I listen to more alternative rock these days, although I still love Bob Seger and Chicago too.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Name That Owl Contest---

So you want to name the owl? First, we'd like to thank you for visiting our blog!

Second, we'd like to tell you a little about this contest!

We want to come up with a name for our little mascot friend. We thought, who better to do that than our fellow etsyians! This contest will run for two weeks, ending on 11/26/07. We will announce the winner sometime during the week of 11/26.

Here is how this contest works:

Leave your entry in the form of a “comment” on this blog.
Please provide your etsy shop address when you submit an entry so we can contact you! Not an Etsian? That's okay, you can name our owl too---just submit an entry and an email address!!!
On November 26th we will stop taking entries and vote on our favorites!
Before the week is out a winner will be announced! They will also be joined by two runners up!

Now, for the good stuff! The winner of the Name That Owl contest will receive a goody bag courtesy of the Off the Wall Ladies valued at about $40. It is a surprise bag of goodies but we will tell you that there are some awesome items that include, jewelry, bath and body, fiber arts and paper goods as well as some OWL themed trinkets!

The two runners up will receive a $5.00 gift certificate to one of our fine participating shops and some Owl pins and magnets!

Thanks for supporting the Owls! We are a fun group of gals who work hard to bring quality and goodness to the etsy community. Feel free to visit our shop at to learn more about us and how to become a member!

**Current Owls are ineligible to participate in this contest.
**Entries should contain only one name only, multiple entries will not be accepted.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stellar Seller---week of 11/11/07

Buy Handmade

This week's Stellar Seller is one of our newer Owls, Michelle of CozyMoments. She makes yummy soaps & bath & body stuff. :) Check out her shop

Tell us about your shop and how you got startedMy shop, Cozy Moments, started out of a desire to create luxurious Bath & Body Products,
creamy, moisture-rich bars of Soap and Natural Soy Wax Candles. I suffered from dry skin most of my life and no matter what expensive soap or body cream I purchased, I was still left with dry skin! :( I then became passionate about creating pampering and soothing products that would rid me of my dry skin and I can honestly say Cozy Moments products cured me of my dry skin and are handmade with love! I also loved burning candles but I would be left with a headache after burning store bought candles. I researched this and learned the main ingredient was paraffin. I decided to experiment with natural waxes and now I can enjoy burning candles with no headaches! My Natural Soy Wax Candles are made with my proprietary special blend of soy wax, beeswax, and other natural waxes - NO paraffin. I taught myself back in 1999 - 2001 and haven't been able to stop ever since! I spent a few years researching and experimenting before I began to sell my goodies. I LOVE what I do! All of my products are made with my own hands in small batches with the finest ingredients available!

What inspires you to create?
The love for pampering and creativity. Being creative is the part I enjoy the most. I love creating new recipes, new scent blends, and new products.

Describe yourself in one word: Determined
What's your favorite...
book "50 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself" by Stephanie Tourles
movie "Titanic", what can I say, I am a romantic at heart. ;)
song "100 Years" by Five for Fighting. I lost my dear father in June 2007 and I made him a video memorial and used this song for the memorial. It is not just a beautiful song, it now reminds me of my Dad and his life.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Stellar Seller---11/2---ExecuteMe

Buy Handmade

Our Stellar Seller this week is none other than Maria of executeme, who was one of the founding four Owls. She has since left us, and we miss her terribly!!! Maria's shop is full of awesome photography and some of the most unique earrings on Etsy. Her interview follows.

Tell us all about you, & as much as you'd like to share with the Etsy world:

I have a very long name. Whenever I have to sign something with my full name, people always start tapping their fingers on the desk and let out a sigh. It doesn't get any easier when I have to sign multiple documents and my hand starts cramping up.

My name is Maria Eugenia Euphrosyne af Rolén and I have lived in Sweden all my life. I only moved to the States about a year ago after meeting some guy in New York City. Together we adopted a puppy from a kill shelter. She was locked up in a small cage with a bunch of other dogs when we found her. And they had all been pooping on her. Her fur was full of it, and she was rather smelly, but awfully cute. So we took her home, gave her a bath, and named her Poopy. Since then I've been stuck here. In a small town on the border of WestVirginia that I had never heard of prior to moving here.

Let's hear about your shop & how you got started:

It started out as a place for me to sell some of my photography. Photography is what I do for a living, and it's what I studied for 5 years in Sweden. The last two of those years was at a private school run by cynical evil artists that on average made us work 7 days a week from 7 in the morning until 3 at night. It was quite intense, to say the least. And there were periods of time where we didn't get to sleep for 5 days straight. The few hours of sleep we did get was usually on the floor of a photo studio, wrapped up in muslin backgrounds to keep us warm. It was two very emotionally draining years. They broke us down, and then built us up only to break us down again. But it was the best time of my life.

But ironically, I have yet to sell one single print on Etsy. Instead I started stumbling across all these beads. I'm not sure how it started, but it became a passion that soon turned into what can only be described as an addiction. I felt the need to rescue all the vintage beads I could possibly find out there, no matter how old or dusty, to give them a new chance in life. The result can be seen in the earrings that I'm now selling in my shop.

What inspires you to create?

The voices in my head.

And puppies. I now donate 10% of all my proceeds to a local animal rescue for abandoned and abused animals. It's a no kill shelter that provides dogs and cats with food and shelter until they are adopted into new loving homes.

Describe yourself in one word:

I guess it would be eclectic. I'm kind of all over the place. I get bored very easily and find myself trying out new things all the time. Be it wreck diving or spelunking, I'm always striving to find new things to fill my life with. Or rather, things that will fill me with life.

What's your favorite...


This question gets me every time. I read so much that it would be impossible to pick just one book. But I can say that I enjoy psychological thrillers. Things that make me use my noodle.


Patch Adams


It all depends what mood I'm in. So I'm going to cheat again, and just name a few of my favorite bands and musicians; Elliott Smith, Moby, Dire Straits, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Cowboy Junkies, Tegan andSara, Lisa Ekdahl, Cornelis Vreeswijk, Sonic Youth, and finally The Clash.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stellar Seller Week of 10/26--Etsy MUD!!!

We did something really unique with this week's Stellar Seller, we're featuring a whole lot of stellar sellers! This week's selection is
Etsy Mud , one of the many fantastic Etsy Street Teams. This interview was compiled by Lisa of IntoTheFire, one of the 80 plus members of Etsy Mud.

Check out Etsy Mud:

Team Shop

How did Etsy Mud get started? How long have you been a team?

The Etsy Mud Team was started by Phyllis of
Montezumamudd She began a thread in the Street Teams forum on Etsy about starting a team for potters in June of 2007 and the response was overwhelming. She contacted admin and made it official. In a short time, our team grew so much that it was clear the team could not be managed by one person.
Phyllis of
Montezumamudd is still our chairperson. Jennifer of JMNPottery maintains our blog and website. Tara of trpottery is our communications coordinator. Lisa of IntoTheFire and Lisa of Averly handle photography questions, banner assistance, and publications.

What is your "mission statement"?
We have no official mission statement as of yet. However, our goal as a team is multi-pronged. We aspire to raise the caliber and significance of pottery on etsy. In addition, our team strives to inspire and challenge each other to become better at our craft. We, of course, hope to encourage more and more people to buy handmade pottery both on and off of Etsy. Our collective goal is spread awareness of the satisfaction that one has when a work of art is fully incorporated into their every day life. We hope to infuse the mundane
aspects of life with beauty and inspiration.

How many members do you have now?

We currently have 82 members who have 84 shops. We regularly add new members, so by the time this is printed, we will probably have 85 members.

What kind of activities do you do as a team?

The Etsy Mud Team has bi-monthly challenges to encourage members to work outside of their comfort zone. Our August challenge was a teapot challenge and a large number of our members had never made a teapot. We shared tips and tricks and a lot of laughs through the process. Our current challenge is an Autumn challenge featuring many styles, both functional and sculptural.We also regularly have group sales and promotions. We are gearing up to promote ceramic Christmas ornaments during November through our "Mud in the Trees" event. Each member has a choice as to whether to participate in any activity.

What are some of the most unique pieces produced by your team?

There are so many unique pieces made by our team members. I suppose judybfreeman's fish teapots are as amazing as anything I have seen! trpottery's carved vessels and personality pots show an amazing range of skill. I really hate to mention anyone because our team is so incredible! We have such a talented lot of potters on Etsy and each of us has a clear individual style. From earthenware to porcelain, oxidation to wood fired, the Etsy Mud Team does it all and they really do it well.

The birdhouse at the beginning is from MudStuffing Pottery
The poster is for the current challenge by the Etsy Mud Team
The fourth picture, the pendant, is by Seaurchin
The green set in the third picture, and the sculptured piece, the fifth picture, are by TrPottery
The last picture, the fish teapot, is by JudyBFreeman

Monday, October 22, 2007

Team Color Challenge!

Please vote (at left)

We have four fabulous entries this week in the aqua and pink challenge!

Kristen's All Wired Up bracelet:

Sabreena's I Dream of Jeannie earrings:

Lora's Carnival necklace:

Rita's Baby Sweater Vest:

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stellar Seller---10/19/2007

This week's Stellar Seller feature is the shop of one of our Owls, Erin. Erin's shop is quite unique because she also shares it with her sister, Amy. In the spirit of these interesting sisters, this interview is by both of them. Check out their shop at

Buy handmade. You'll be awesome.

Tell us all about you, & as much or as little as you'd like to share with the world

We are Amy and Erin - the UnStrungSisters. We opened an Etsy shop in May 2007 that sells fun contemporary handmade jewelry. Here’s a little about us:We grew up in Northern New York on an apple orchard and farm. We always had lots and lots of pets - horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, etc., many of which died unfortunate deaths (not at our hand - we weren’t budding sociopaths - although you wouldn‘t have to throw a stone far in our family to hit someone we have called nuts). We both went to same university - several years apart, both have degrees in marketing. We both had careers in the Corporate world until our children were born and we were both fortunate enough to be able to stay home and watch them grow.
Amy is a typical “Type A” - loving things organized and running smoothly.Erin would be considered a “Type Z” thriving in organized chaos.

Where we live:
Amy - East Coaster - lives in Southern Virginia
Erin - West Coaster - living in Eastern Washington State.
Amy - has three children - two sons and a daughter - ages 8, 6, and 4. Her husband is currently an Active Duty Navy officer.
Erin - has two children - a son and a daughter - ages 15 and 8. Her husband retired last year from the Air Force and is currently a happy member of the civilian work force.

Life other than Jewelry Making and our families:
Amy - Fiber Arts, Quilting, Wine Tasting, Running, Gardening
Erin - Reading (belongs to 2 book groups), Knitting and Crocheting, Volunteering, Gardening and Yard work (avoiding).

For other things we have made check out our flickr site -

***Tell us about your shop & how you got started***

Amy had started a Fiber Arts shop on Etsy and one thing lead to another. We both find our hands “itchy” with a strong desires to create things. But most of all it provides us a healthier stress reliever than a bottle of wine. Although the occasional mixing of beads and wine has inspired us to make some of our more unique pieces. We had great fun coming up with the name of our shop - we had to e-mail lists to each other, we tried to phone but we both would be laughing so hard we couldn’t talk. That happened as were trying to write this - good thing we both have the same strange sense of humor!!!

***What inspires you to create?***
Pretty much answered above but avoidance of housework is also a strong motivator.

***Describe yourself in one word:***
Erin - UnStrung
Amy - undescribabledriventiredcrazyoverachiever

Amy - The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
Erin - One for the Money - and all the rest of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels.
Amy - Moulin Rouge
Erin - I don’t have the attention span.
Amy - Anything that is not played on Nickelodeon
Erin - What ever my son is playing on his guitar.

Everybody Dance Now! We've got NEW stuff!!

This is going to be one of those truly 'off-beat' blogs...pun absolutely intended.

It's time once again to show off our NEW items!

First up is Jamie
But it don’t snow here
It stays pretty green
I’m going to make a lot of money
And then I’m going to quit this crazy scene

Oh I wish I had a river
I could skate away on
I wish I had a river so long
Teach my feet to fly high
Oh I wish I had a river
I could skate away on
"River" -Joni Mitchell

You can find this awesome set of Jamie's:

Next on the runway is Kristen

You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too--yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

"Birthday" -the Beatles

Celebrate the birthday of yourself or someone special with these earrings:

Sabreena is up next with a little dental humor

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth
My two front teeth, see my two front teeth
Gee, if I could only have my two front teeth
Then I could wish you "Merry Christmas!"

"All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" - the Chipmunks

These earrings are easily obtained:

Nick is our next contestant!

Nobody knows a wildflower still grows
By the side of the road
And she don't need to need like the roses
She's at home with the weeds
And just as free as the night breeze
She's got the cool of a shade tree
She's growin' on me and I can't live with out her

"Wildflower" -Bon Jovi

These wildflower earrings can be picked:

Rita has made a cool and funky piece here

I fell in to a burning ring of fire
I went down,down,down
and the flames went higher.
And it burns,burns,burns
the ring of fire
the ring of fire.

"Ring of Fire" - Johnny Cash

If you have the burning desire to own this ring, never fear--just follow this link:

Lora is next up

It starts in my toes
Makes me crinkle my nose
Wherever it goes I always know
That you make me smile
Please stay for a while now
Just take your time
Wherever you go

"Bubbly" - Colbie Caillat

You'll find this bubbly necklace at

Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween Challenge (voting to the left)

This week's challenge was to make something related to Halloween. We have a variety to choose from in our three entries! In the order they were posted:

Michelle made Pumpkin Frappuccino Soap!

Lora made a Halloween Bookmark!

Kristen made Fingerless Gloves!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Friday, October 5, 2007

Stellar Sellar 10/5/07

The stellar sellar for this week is Lora, one of our awesome
Etsy Owls :) Lora designs jewelry, among other things. Her shop is

Here's the interview:

Tell us all about you, & as much or as little as you'd like to share with the world.

Hmm, what to tell, what to tell. Well, I'm 26 years old and live in Nashville, Tennessee. I recently made a career change (from teaching to being a nanny) and have found that along with the added peace and happiness I also have time to explore new passions. One of them is jewelry making and other crafting! I started playing around with jewelry making a couple of years back, but didn't really try anything much until Marchish of this year. A few of my online friends (including two of our OWLs--Wendy and Nick) encouraged me that I could actually *do* this, so I'll blame them for creating the monster Ok, so that's all about my crafting. Other than that--I have a bachelor's in music education with a minor in performance. Before I started nannying for the most adorable baby girl in the world I was a choral music teacher in a Nashville public school. I may eventually go back to teaching, but I needed a break. Truth be told, I probably will do something completely different after this job is over, such as PR or sales/merchandising.As for the rest of "me" I have a chosen family that surrounds me in Nashville and I love living here. I love kicking back on the sofa with a glass of wine, having dinner and a movie with a friend or 10, listening to live music, singing, shopping, living, laughing and loving. If I can be with someone I love anything is fun.

Tell us about your shop & how you got started:

I've already mentioned that a couple of my fellow OWL members encouraged me in this venture. With their encouragement as well as Christy, Whimsiesboutique on etsy, I opened up my little shop in...mid-July? I'd given several pieces of my jewelry away to friends as gifts and they all went on about how they thought I could sell my work, so I decided to give it a try. I've not been disappointed :0)

Right now my shop is mainly jewelry, although I did create some marble magnets for a challenge entry a couple of weeks ago--and have sold quite a few sets of them! I was actually kind of amazed at that! Eventually I hope to sell photography as well as some other crafts. I love to explore new ways to be creative. For a long time I thought the only creativeness in me had to do with music, and now that I have found other outlets I feel like they're all building on each other and helping me to improve in each one.

What inspires you to create?

oh, lots of things. Seeing a piece of jewelry that I like but think could be improved upon. I've created several pieces because I bought a piece of clothing that needed a perfect complement. Focal pieces that just beg for certain stones or beads to be coupled with. Nature--looking at gorgeous colors in a sunset and wondering how I could bring it to life in wearable art (I haven't perfected that yet, but it will come). People and their stories. I have several pieces that were created for a friend because of elements of their story, good and bad.

Describe yourself in one word: journeying

Favorite...Book: oh, this is so hard. Can I cop-out and say theBible? I love to read everything!

Movie: A Little Princess

Song: Unfair question for a musician. I think "Anyway" by Nichole Nordeman is very fitting for my life story though

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Have You Been to an OWL Shop Lately?

If are missing out! We've all been hard at work and want to show off our new creations!

Kristen (KnitANDPearl) has been making jewelry and knitted winter wear like crazy. Check these out:

Kristen says: "the whole "royal court" themed earrings are top on my list"

These regal earrings can be found at

Wendy (WanderingGirl) has been busy as usual, but lucky for us all she has added a new craft to her list of talents!

Wendy says: "I grew up with a New Orleans full of beauty, grace and love. The person that wrote on the sidewalk wanted people to see that, too, I think."

This amazing photo print can be found at

Lora (LoraStudio) has been working on several new designs for fall. These earrings are some of her current favorites.

Lora says: "I loved the idea of 'caging' the tiger eye. These earrings were a lot of fun to make and I think they will be fun for you to wear!"

This pair of tamed earrings can be found at

Jamie (suenosdejmi) has been knitting some fabulous new things! This scarf is one of the newest items for sale in her store.

Jamie says: "This little scarf has lots of personality! It reminds me of a candy necklace, thus the name candy striper. :)"

Sabreena (zeezeeryder) is supporting a wonderful cause with one of her latest creations.

Sabreena says: "A beautiful and delicate pair of feminine earrings accented with flowers, crystal and ribbon charms."

These charitable earrings can be found at

Sharon (morganstreet) is hard at work creating new scents to entice us!

Sharon says: "I have to say, this one is truly beautiful, sexy and vivacious - not to mention pretty too!"

Nick (corgicreations) is reminding us of other worlds with her latest!

Nick says: "Get this pair while you can, because if they don't sell soon, I just might decide to keep them for myself!"
These out of this world earrings can be found at

Rita (knotartwa) is continuing to amaze us with all her talents. Here's a gorgeous photo she recently listed in her shop.
Rita says: "Most days are amazing if you just let them be, take this home to remind you of the little things in life that make it worth living!"
Michelle (cozymoments) is mixing up new items all the time! Her newest scrub sounds good enough to eat...

Michelle says: "Soothe your senses while you invigorate your circulation and give your skin a healthy glow!!"

This wonderful scrub can be found at

Erin (unstrungsisters) makes beautiful things, and this bracelet is no exception.

Erin says: "Use the power of the Rhyolite stones in this bracelet to assist you in fulfilling your goals and dreams. Rhyolite is known to help strenghten your mind, body and soul making you the individual that you are against the sea of humanity."

This empowering bracelet can be found at

Iris (crowandiris) is continually transforming ordinary into extraordinary. Here's an example
Iris says: "These VEGAN Tub Teas are so soothing and relaxing to use when you have had a long day or just want to have a quiet Moment all to yourself"

This fabulous looking tub tea can be found at
These items are just a few of many things that are brand NEW, so please take a few moments to visit your favorite OWL shops!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Week 2 Challenge Winner!

The second week of the New Medium challenge has come to a close and the winner has been announced.

WanderingGirl's print "The Waiting Lady" received 26 hearts and KnitAndPearl's painting "Sweet as Piracy" received 12 hearts, making WanderingGirl the winner of this week's challenge! WanderingGirl will no progress to the fourth round of competition in which The Waiting Lady will square off against Suenosdejmi's ribbon macrame bracelet and the winner of this week's competition.

This week's competition is between zeezeeryder and corgicreations!

Here is the thread supporting this challenge!

Please visit this thread and heart the entry you like best!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stellar Seller---9/28/07---DinnerTimeChimes

The Stellar Seller for this week is DinnerTimeChimes, also known as Erin :) All of you Owls reading this be sure & show her some love :) Any non-Owls reading this show her some love too!!!

Check out her shop at

Tell us all about you, as much or as little as you'd love to share with the Etsy world.
Hi! I’m Erin. I’m 27 & I was born & raised in Winston-Salem, NC. Thanks to my parents, as a kid I had the opportunity to be into everything from soccer to girl scouts to animals. Over the years I took several classes introducing me to various art forms. While I enjoyed learning the arts of photography, ceramics, pottery, jewelry making, basketry, etc. I’ve rarely done anything with those arts since shortly after the classes finished. Thanks mainly to the many days I stayed with my grandma, I still enjoy quilting, sewing, felt appliqué, embroidery, scrap booking, and I’m sure there are others tucked away in my craft room---but I can’t bring myself to part with those finished projects! While I was still in school I LOVED entering my crafts & baked goods in the Dixie Classic Fair, which happens to be the second largest fair in our state. When we went to the fair as a family, I always wanted to walk through the exhibitions to see what ribbons I’d won first. I went to college at Campbell University, earning two degrees in Clinical Research. I met & married the man of my dreams in 2006 and now live in a small town in eastern NC. I’ve recently started a new job, which I love! When I’m not working at my *real* job, I’m either working in the yard (I really enjoy gardening too!) or working on crafts. I’m happiest when I’m busy making something.

Tell us about your shop and how you got started:

My daddy & I started making the wind chimes when I was at least in high school as way for me to have extra spending money. It also gave me something else to search for at flea markets, yard sales, & estate auctions. The chimes sold like crazy since they made a unique, inexpensive gift. However, once I went to college & started my career I didn’t have any way to make the chimes. Recently I convinced my hubby to buy a drill press for his shop. He was quickly introduced into the crazy world of silverplate silverware searches & making chimes--& the rest is history! I opened my Etsy shop in July on a whim, as another way to market the chimes. In the shop you’ll also find a few other silverware creations (key chains, bookmarks, recipe card holders) & other attempts of mine at recycling. I participate in a few local craft shows when I have time & have the chimes in a few stores in the Winston-Salem area too. The best part is seeing the look on people faces when they turn around & realize that the beautiful sound that they’ve been hearing is coming from these chimes which were made from recycled forks & spoons!

What inspires you to create?

I have to be doing something or making something to be happy! I enjoy searching for vintage silverplate that has seen better days, taking it home to polish it & then transforming it in a wind chime that be enjoyed by someone for years to come. Whether it’s making chimes or working on one of my many other sewing projects there’s something peaceful about it.

Describe yourself in 1 word: Creative


Book: The Great Gatsby

Movie: Pretty Woman...although we saw Good Luck Chuck last weekend and it was pretty good!

Song: Because of You by Reba & Kelly Clarkson

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Round One Is OUTTA HERE!!!

Okay, Round One of our Three Part **New Media Challenge** is over. The winner was Jamie's Ribbon Bracelet, pictured stage right, with an amazing 21 hearts!!!

This competition was VERY close, with Lora's Glass Marble Magnets getting 20 hearts and Sharon's Chunky Scarf logging in at 17. Great job ladies!!!

The next round will start very soon, with two-three more entries, & then next week will be one more round with some more entries, and then in two weeks we'll have a face-off between the final three. Stay tuned!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Stellar Seller---September 21st---Suenosdejmi

Friday, September 21st, 2007

Suenosdejmi, also known in the physical world as Jamie, is this week's stellar seller. She's V-P of the Etsy Owls & has been on Etsy for almost a year. Check her shop out at

And read her interview!!!!

Tell us all about you, as much or as little as you'd love to share with the Etsy world. :)
Well, I'm Jamie, I'm 24, & I'm a college student born, mostly raised, & living in East Tennessee. I've been crocheting for, seriously, as long as I can remember. I learned from my mom & my grandmother (my dad's mom), both of who are awesome craftastic women. I have a blanket I've been crocheting since I was that little...probably 8 or 9 or so, and it's only just now reached around 3 feet wide (it's about 7 or 8 feet long...). You can look at it and see the progress I've made over the years with my crocheting. It's quite amazing.
If that didn't clue you in, I really don't do well with projects that take a long time...I have a seriously short attention span. So, I enjoy making scarves because they're fairly quick & creative. :)
Um...what else? Okay, so college student. I have my Associates degree in Spanish, and I'm almost finished with my Bachelors in Cross-Cultural Sociology & Spanish. Hopefully, I will be spending my last undergraduate semester in Spain! (So buy things from me, because it'll help me get there!!!) After that, I'm probably going to graduate school at East Tennessee State University for Appalachian Studies.
I'm not married, but hopefully I will be eventually, to my total sweetie of the last 2 & a half years :)

What is your shop about & how did you get started???
Well, my shop is all about crocheting, and the occasional
beaded/buttoned/tied piece of jewelry. I like experimenting
with jewelry, but I'm not into it enough to make it full time. I just buy lots of beads & pretend :)
I opened my Etsy shop up last November, but didn't really get active until this past June or so. I started my shop as an outlet for my crocheted scarves, because I got totally into the habit of making them in classes & wanted an excuse to keep crocheting habitually. So, now I have my excuse, & I'm having tons of fun with it. :)

What inspires you to create?
Color. Lots of color. I see a certain color combination somewhere, like in a bouquet of plastic flowers, and suddenly I'm inspired to see them poured out in stitches across a scarf. I like lots of color in my pieces, so it's quite rare that I'll make a scarf with just one color in it. I'm sort of a biased designer in the sense that I design for what I like, and less for what others might like. I have to be in love with my pieces, or I can't keep going. I suppose my creation process is the same for my writing (I write poetry), I get inspired by what's going on in the world around me. I want to push all that activity into a poem, or a scarf, or a unique little bracelet, & send it out into the world to exist. That's the magic that is art.
Describe yourself in 1 word:
Just one? I'm always horrible at these....I would probably have to say....eclectic

What's your favorite:
Book: there's sooo many...but, Harry Potter (either 3, 5, 6, 0r 7), Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich, or about 100 others...:)
Movie: again, HP 3, which is Prisoner of Azkaban, or Coyote Ugly. I'm picky about movies so not quite as many as books, but definitely more.
Song: Can't pick one. I would have to say Natalie Imbruglia "Troubled by the Way We Came Together", and almost any song by Jewel, Evanescence, or Shakira. :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Medium Challenge (Week of September 16)

The challege for this week was to create an item out of materials you have never used before. It was a chance for us to all get out of the box and do something a little different!

Only three of our members participated in this challenge, & the "voting" is going to be done by how many hearts each item gets---so if you like one of these items, click on the link and ♥ it!!
(we'd all welcome a purchase too!)