Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stellar Seller---9/28/07---DinnerTimeChimes

The Stellar Seller for this week is DinnerTimeChimes, also known as Erin :) All of you Owls reading this be sure & show her some love :) Any non-Owls reading this show her some love too!!!

Check out her shop at

Tell us all about you, as much or as little as you'd love to share with the Etsy world.
Hi! I’m Erin. I’m 27 & I was born & raised in Winston-Salem, NC. Thanks to my parents, as a kid I had the opportunity to be into everything from soccer to girl scouts to animals. Over the years I took several classes introducing me to various art forms. While I enjoyed learning the arts of photography, ceramics, pottery, jewelry making, basketry, etc. I’ve rarely done anything with those arts since shortly after the classes finished. Thanks mainly to the many days I stayed with my grandma, I still enjoy quilting, sewing, felt appliqué, embroidery, scrap booking, and I’m sure there are others tucked away in my craft room---but I can’t bring myself to part with those finished projects! While I was still in school I LOVED entering my crafts & baked goods in the Dixie Classic Fair, which happens to be the second largest fair in our state. When we went to the fair as a family, I always wanted to walk through the exhibitions to see what ribbons I’d won first. I went to college at Campbell University, earning two degrees in Clinical Research. I met & married the man of my dreams in 2006 and now live in a small town in eastern NC. I’ve recently started a new job, which I love! When I’m not working at my *real* job, I’m either working in the yard (I really enjoy gardening too!) or working on crafts. I’m happiest when I’m busy making something.

Tell us about your shop and how you got started:

My daddy & I started making the wind chimes when I was at least in high school as way for me to have extra spending money. It also gave me something else to search for at flea markets, yard sales, & estate auctions. The chimes sold like crazy since they made a unique, inexpensive gift. However, once I went to college & started my career I didn’t have any way to make the chimes. Recently I convinced my hubby to buy a drill press for his shop. He was quickly introduced into the crazy world of silverplate silverware searches & making chimes--& the rest is history! I opened my Etsy shop in July on a whim, as another way to market the chimes. In the shop you’ll also find a few other silverware creations (key chains, bookmarks, recipe card holders) & other attempts of mine at recycling. I participate in a few local craft shows when I have time & have the chimes in a few stores in the Winston-Salem area too. The best part is seeing the look on people faces when they turn around & realize that the beautiful sound that they’ve been hearing is coming from these chimes which were made from recycled forks & spoons!

What inspires you to create?

I have to be doing something or making something to be happy! I enjoy searching for vintage silverplate that has seen better days, taking it home to polish it & then transforming it in a wind chime that be enjoyed by someone for years to come. Whether it’s making chimes or working on one of my many other sewing projects there’s something peaceful about it.

Describe yourself in 1 word: Creative


Book: The Great Gatsby

Movie: Pretty Woman...although we saw Good Luck Chuck last weekend and it was pretty good!

Song: Because of You by Reba & Kelly Clarkson

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WanderingGirl said...

i bought some chimes from erin last week and i *love* them! she was so helpful to me, sending me constant updates as to what was going on with my order and even a follow up message after i received the item. she really does deserve the designation of "Stellar Seller". she really and truly is stellar.